Our Special Services For You

Our specialist

Designing Building

The design and construction is carried out professionally and transparently with our experienced team of architects.

Reseach and Development

This is done in order to produce a product or service that has a high validity value because a series of previous trials have been carried out.

project coordination

We are responsible for every part of the project and the deadline.

greenmark experience

Promote sustainable design and best practices in building operations and construction.

High Rise experience

Three structures are often applied to high rise buildings, including bearing wall systems, open frames and flat slabs.

building regulation

We have rules that define standards for constructed objects such as buildings and non-building structures.

drawing coordination

Required to avoid interference with structures, mechanical, electrical, and piping frames, as well as fire, elevator, and floor and wall penetration protection.

regular site visit

Site visits allow for an authentic and accurate experience of the space.

checking defects

These checks are carried out before or after renovation work to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Propose Material Board

The ingredient list function in the proposal allows the user to group ingredients or detail lines into ingredient lists with prices.